what we do

Fission Wealth is engaged in the business of creating wealth for its clients.

Our fundamental goal is to align investment objectives of our clients to suitable solutions linked to the expected risk and return profile. Our clients include business owners, professionals and salaried employees who are high net worth individuals needing wealth management services.

This approach entails five fundamental steps:

Identifying customer needs and Risk / Return Profile
We ensure that we commence by identifying wealth goals of the client and clearly articulate the client appetite for risk and return.

Analysis & Recommendation
We believe that a detailed analysis is a backbone of a sound recommendation. At Fission Wealth, market analysis as well as portfolio analysis is an integral part of the recommendation process.

Timely and error free execution of investment goals as agreed with our customers.

We ensure that each investment is continuously monitored throughout the life cycle of the investment.

Feedback on meeting investment objectives and fine tuning the approach for future wealth goals is as important as any of the steps above.